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Author Topic: Broken my AstroEQ board (I think)  (Read 212 times)


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Broken my AstroEQ board (I think)
« on: September 09, 2021, 15:49:58 »

A few nights ago the USB socket on my home assembled V 4.6 AstroEQ came loose:- one of the mounting lugs on the socket had become detached and so had one or more of the connecting pins.

A new PCB USB socket was obtained and the old one de-soldered and the new one attached.  Unfortunately the track around the ground pin was damaged in the process, although there is still continuity to ground according to my multimeter.

The problem now is that on power connection the power LED lights up, but so too does the status LED which come on solid and stays on.  If a USB cable is plugged in the USB LED flashes, but the status LED stays on solid.  On attempting to start EQMOD an ASCOM 'Out of memory error' appears and the mount is unresponsive to commands.

My eyesight is not what it was when the board was assembled, but I can't find any obvious short circuits in the area of USB socket connections, is there anything I can do or check to try and revive the AstroEQ?