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Author Topic: Motor directions  (Read 244 times)


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Motor directions
« on: June 08, 2021, 12:55:01 »

My DEC axis misbehave.

In ASCOM-EQMOD it worked excellent. But when connected to INDI server on raspberry Pi, at the beginning, DEC axis moved in opposite direction, but GoTo software reported it moves wher it should. I tried every possible option in INDIlib, double checked everything (pier side, park side, date, time, location, hemisphere...), whatever I do the result is the same. If i set DEC reverse in INDIlib, then it moves where it should, but GoTo software now reads the opposite direction, because this option does not only reverse motor direction but also encoder values, so doesn't help at all.

To fix this, I had to reconfigure AstroEQ and set option "Declination Axis" to "Backward". Then it moves as it should and it reports back to GoTo software correct encoders values. But guess what, now I have the same problem when connect AstroEQ directly to ASCOM-EQMOD. And option "DEC recerse" in ASCOM-EQMOD did no help, because even though it reverse slewing commands, it reports back to GoTo software reversed encoder values, so it show moving south when it actually moves north and vice-versa, just the same as in INDIlib.

I have this problem only with DEC axis. My question is what option "Forward" and "Backward" in AstroEQ Config Utility do? Does it only reverse motor direction, or it does also reverse internal encoder values? Is there anything I could try to make AstroEQ works the same on ASCOM and INDIlib or reconfiguring firmware every time is only option? Is there any way either in ASCOM-EQMOD or in INDIlib EQMOD to reverse motor direction only, but not encoder values, that would be helpul?