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Author Topic: Synscan App, desktop and mobile  (Read 113 times)


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Synscan App, desktop and mobile
« on: December 28, 2020, 16:52:36 »

Hi, I've had a good poke around on the forums, and can't find anyone who's owned up to trying this.... So I've built a DIY astroeq, which works a charm (Thanks Tom)..  and recently I've been tinkering around with driver software.  The Windows desktop SynscanPro app with connect (serial over usb) to the astroeq, and calibration, goto and tracking all appear to work well. However, if like to be able to use the mobile app over wifi.  I've pinched a design for a clone skywatcher wifi module, based on an esp8266 - essentially working as a TCP/serial interface, but the app won't connect to the astroeq.  Is it as simple.as needing to shift the UART off the (not connected) USB to a different set of pins? Or am I being hopelessly optimistic?


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Re: Synscan App, desktop and mobile
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2021, 08:55:11 »


This is a problem that stems from there being two skywatcher comms protocols.

The first, synta protocol, is used to communicate between a hand controller and the mount. This is what AstroEQ uses to talk to EQMOD.
The second is used to talk from accessories (such as WiFi controllers) to the hand controller. Being a different protocol, it's not compatible with AstroEQ. I presume your WiFi module talks in this language.
Tom Carpenter (AstroEQ)