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Author Topic: AstroEQ Availability [Currently Unavailable]  (Read 55972 times)


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Re: AstroEQ Availability [Currently Unavailable]
« Reply #165 on: March 11, 2019, 21:15:04 »

For a complete after market solution, check out:


I have two of these.  Not astro eq, but eqmod compatable.  Somewhat different design than astroEQ or Onstep, but works great.  Ive actually gotten the best performance per amp out of EQDrive than anything else.  Can't really say why other than he uses a different kind of driver altogether.  For example, I can drive my harmonic drive mount at 2500x sidereal with this setup, whereas astroEQ and onstep the best was about 350x - 500x.  Same motors and powersupply.

Sorry Tom, just trying to help people out. Delete this post if you don't want discussion of other
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