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DIY AstroEQ / Re: finished build inc 3D printed housing.
« on: July 12, 2019, 23:40:16 »
I don't know if the OP is still active, but I thought I'd say THANK YOU just in case. I printed one of these and it really is very nice. Very pleased.

I have heat sinks but I went ahead and soldered the driver boards to the AstroEQ pcb. I'm probably asking for trouble, but there you go.

DIY AstroEQ / Re: Before first power up question
« on: July 12, 2019, 23:35:48 »
Thanks Tom!

I'm a bit excited. I have the system running on the bench currently with Stellarium.

As for the blank fields, I have saved things to a config file so no worries. One thing I am puzzled/curious about and that's gear ratio - I'm using 2:1 (30T15T). Obviously, I can change this to 3:1, 4:1, etc. What determines what's best?

DIY AstroEQ / Re: Before first power up question
« on: July 12, 2019, 15:22:14 »
Okay, so I had my wife go over my work and she approved.

Powered it up and was able to update/configure.

Had downloaded the wrong piece of EQMOD. Now have something called EQASCOM, and once I configured the com port, AstroEQ now brings up EQMOD.

When I click on N, the stepper motor kicks like one step. When I click multiple times the motor moves but it is rough, like hitting with a hammer.

The motors were wired incorrectly. I thought it was 1A/2A and 1B/2B but it's actually 1A/1B and 2A/2B.

I noticed every time I open AstroEQ it leaves a lot of stuff blank even after it reads from the device (motor step angle, gear ratios, etc.).

I guess the config stuff doesn't matter because I have things running with Stellarium on the bench.

DIY AstroEQ / Before first power up question
« on: July 11, 2019, 16:33:23 »
Hi folks,

I'm just about ready to power up my AstroEQ for the first time and am wondering if there's anything I should be aware of before I do. Also, assuming I've done things right and nothing smokes, then what?


Mount Support / Pulleys, ratios, EQ5 (CG5) just to be sure
« on: June 12, 2019, 16:47:28 »

I've now got all the parts to assemble my AstroEQ board.

I have a brand new manual Meade LX70 as the intended mount to GT.

From reading here, the worm gear ratio is 144:1, but that's something for the config file.

I am awaiting 2x 3M30 and 2x 3M15 pulleys, 10mm width.

Also awaiting 2x 3M 10mm width 111mm length belts.

If I read the other thread correctly, this is a simple 2:1 ratio. But someone else used 40:20 for the same ratio. Does it matter? ***edit 40:20? Must have read that wrong as that's still 2:1***

And the 111mm belt - does the length matter much with it? ***edit length matters because the motors are non-adjustable. 111mm is too short***



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