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Ok, I set the motors to 0.3v and regreased/adjusted the dec and RA. Seems to be working fine now at 254x sidereal with gear changing disabled. Tracking is smooth and the goto's are quiet and accurate. Thanks for the advice.

Ok I've set the vref to 0.3 volts for my motors. They were both set to 0.25v as recommended beforehand. I'll report back on the first clear night I have.

Ok thanks I'll give it a go.

Hi, I've read through the thread and I'm a bit confused by a couple of things. It seems to be about the DIY version of AstroEQ that I don't have. I have the pre built 4.5 version. Also one of the posters recommends using these motors to fix the problem:


These are the exact motors I already use on my mount.  They are high voltage low current and the thread seems to be about motors that are the opposite so I'm unsure how the proceed.

Thanks Tom, I understand things a bit better now. The other thread seems a little over my head but I'll read it again and try to sort something out.

Upon a quick perusal of the thread I'm not sure how it will help. I've tried running AstroEQ without the motors connected and the tracking fault shows in the software regardless. Unless I'm missing something that must mean the problem lies with astroeq, eqmod or stellarium/CDC.

Thanks Tom, I only noticed it was in all versions when I checked them all today so o worries there. Thanks for your help. I'll look at the thread and get back to you.

Hi, Here's the config file. From the latest config you recommended. Just too let you know though, that this occurs in the beta and pre beta. The movement also seems to occur in CDC although it is harder to make out as the reticle is very big. I've tried using a different USB and com port, but no luck.

Also, this movement occurs in Stellarium without the mount being connected, just running EQMODand Stellarium with the AstroEQ Box.

This is a video of the movement in Stellarium. I've increased the mag so you can see it. The fact that the movement occurs in Stellarium and in the scope makes me think that its a software and not a mount problem. Wether it's AstroEQ, EQMOD, Stellarium or Stellariumscope is another issue.


I'd ignore the first 10 seconds as that fast movement is caused by a gitch in the recording I think, It's the rhythmic back and forth movement that I'm wondering about.

Just to add, the scope reticle in Stellarium also mimics this movement. Sorry Tom, probaby sick of me lol.

Sorry Tom I seem to have noticed another problem. :-[. The Sidereal tracking doesn't seem to be as smooth as it was. It seems to move one step at a time instead of continuous motion, causing targets to move backwards and forwards slightly. This Jupiter at 1000mm focal length:


Hi Tom, I'm using a Vixen GP, so the ratio's are for the EQ5 custom pulley. I presume Zh is using a different mount and thats why he can get 800x with the gear changing disabled.

Thanks for looking into it, glad you can do the maths lol.

Hi Tom, I've been testing out the config you recommended, indoors, with mount, no scope. AstroEQ seems to work fine up to speeds of 254x at 32ustep with the gear changing disabled, and so does EQMOD slewing. The motors are very quiet at that speed.

Here's a list of what I'ved noticed when gear changing is disabled at 32Ustep:

- EQMOD slews will not go faster than 254x even when, say 800x is selected. It doesn't stall just slews at the slower speed.

- The Config will only let me choose a limited number of goto speeds and nothing above 507x. The number reverts when I update the RA or Dec settings or close the config. (When gear changing is enabled choosing goto speeds acts normally).

- The only speed above 254x I can select is 507x. At 507x the motors are very noisy.

Could this be due to the motors I'm using? These are the specs:

Electrical Specification

Manufacturer Part Number    14HS17-0504S
Motor Type    Bipolar Stepper
Step Angle    1.8°
Holding Torque    23Ncm(32.6oz.in)
Rated Current/phase    0.5A
Phase Resistance    15ohms
Recommended Voltage    12-24V
Inductance    26mH±20%(1KHz)

Each phase draws 500 mA at 7.5 V

Hope this helps. I mention the motors because other people don't seem to be having any problems.

Not sure what it could be then. The pre beta firmware is quieter for me and the noise increases when I disable gear changing in 8.0 which I gather is'nt supposed to happen.

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