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AstroEQ Support / Guiding problems on DEC with INDI
« on: August 19, 2018, 19:08:39 »
Hi Tom,

I am having a problem with the DEC axis when guiding with KStars/Ekos on Linux using Guide Pulses.  Every time the DEC axis switches direction (including both directions during calibration), the DEC motor travels way too far.  It seemed like it might have been a microstepping issue or trying to compensate for backlash, not sure.

Everything works fine with ASCOM on Windows (except Windows of course :P).
I did not test to see if the problem occurs using PHD2 or lin_guider (having problems getting these to play nicely with Ekos).
I was able to work around the problem by using an ST-4 cable from my guide camera to the AstroEQ.

I am using the v4.6 DIY board with Pololu DRV8825 stepper drivers.  I am running the latest version ( v8.12 ) of AstroEQ software and the latest version of KStars ( v2.9.8 ).

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