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DIY AstroEQ / EQ5 speed issues
« on: March 12, 2016, 20:55:13 »
I just posted this at the EQMod group also as I didn't know how long my account would take to approve, but it was fast :)

I've been pulling my hair out all day now, and have given up for the night now :(

I've got an EQ5, I've mounted 1.8deg/step motors with 14T pulley, the worm has 52T giving 3.71 : 1 so I've punched that into the AstroEQ configurator, my AstroEQ is a Mega2650 clone and 2 DRV8825s.  The worm is 144:1 because in my desperation I've even counted that.

The issue is in EQMod if I go from the park position 90dec around to 0dec indicated by the control panel the mount only moves 65 real degrees, or going from 90 to -90 the mount moves 130 degrees.

I've got the feeling the problem might be my wiring but I can't see how a problem with the stepping mode wiring could give anything other than 2x errors, where mine is ~38%.

Also when sidereal tracking the RA motor doesn't seem to pulse smoothly like maybe a third of a second micro stepping followed by two thirds stationary maybe or maybe not related.

Not sure where to go next with the debug I thought AstroEQ told EQMod the right drive train parameters so no setup was required to get the speeds correct?

My motors are NEMA17, 2ohm, 24v rated although I'm running them 12v and 0.6vref - they shouldn't stall or skip steps in this application...

Any pointers gratefully received ☺️

Clear skies!

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