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Capabilities Question / Re: iAstroHub compatability
« on: June 03, 2018, 13:52:29 »

thanks for the answer. I figured a lot of things out by now ;-)

iAstroHub not usable for me, I switched to KStars, Ekos and INDI on the astroberry distribution (Raspberry PI) which works with AstroEQ (I have some glitches in the moment, but I will get them done).

Per the latest SkySafari 6 pro release, AstroEQ and EQmod is specifically not supported. With iAstroHub, AstroEQ and iAstroHub do work over EQMOD. I image all versions of SkySafari have the same stricture.

Nope, there are differences. I have SkySafari 5 Pro and it works. Problems occur after that version.

EQmod is not supported with SkySafari as it is a motor controller. AstroEQ would have an ASCOM driver for a Basic Encoder System to work with SkySafari thru iAstroHub.

SkySafari is not limited on ASCOM. Indi works too. There is a SkySafari Module.

SkySafari and iAstroHub are hand controller aware apps. Hand controllers are the bridge to the motors. The commands and mount particulars are stored in eeprom on the controller. With iAstroHub, the EQMOD setup requires intimate knowledge and calculations to be the hand controller. This will take time.

Could be, but is obsolete now because I simply can apply any joystick to the astroberry, apply and configure the INDI-joystick module and voila ;-)


The housing isn't 3D printed, it's an off-the-shelf enclosure. The part number is in the BOM for the board.

The only bit that is customised is the end panels. The enclosure is made out of ABS, so quite soft, and with some care it is possible to cut out the required holes in the blank end panels that come with the enclosure. I've been laser cutting clear acrylic end panels for the pre-assembled controllers, but I don't have any left.

Thanks Tom,

I just ordered a 3D printer from gearbest. There will be a lot of thingies to be printed cause we will do a lot of parts for ATM. When I finished the design for the housing I will publish it on thingyverse and post it here. But this all will take a few months. I just merely can spare the time soldering the AEQ board yet ;-)


Due to the fact that I'm currently working a full time job as well as studying for a PhD, I have little spare time so I am not planning to make another batch of AstroEQ's in the near future.

Hey Tom,

I wish you the very best for your studies!
You just gave me the reason to solder the board my myself ;-)

I have one question though: you have a very "stylish" housing for the controller. Is it 3D-printed? If yes, would you release the files?

Greets from Germany

Capabilities Question / iAstroHub compatability
« on: October 29, 2017, 16:19:44 »

first thanks for this great solution!

I have an EQ-5 which I succesfully fitted with two Bi-Polar 12V / 0.4 A Nema steppers and using L298N bridge. I wrote a simple arduino program getting RA-tracking.

In future I like to spend the system an AstroEQ. For getting everything to run I want to add iAstroHub (https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/551998-iastrohub-30-iot-for-astrophotography). This is a Raspberry-PI based linux software stack which should be able to connect to AstroEQ.

Has anybody out there experiences with the combination iAstroHub / AstroEQ?

If I am right, it should be easy as plug in the USB-connector from AstroEQ into the Raspberry-PI.
iAstroHub is INDI based. I already posted this question in the iAstroHub-forum at cloudynights.com (https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/551998-iastrohub-30-iot-for-astrophotography/?p=8178938). I should also add, that there is ann EqMod-based Modification of iAstroHub (http://thx59.free.fr).

If this works, it also makes SkySafari run with AstroEQ via iAstroHub.


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