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Title: Tracking through AstroEQ 4.5 and StarsPi
Post by: Smally256 on November 12, 2016, 11:57:27
Hi Tom,

I'm interested in trying to do basic tracking through version 4.5 of the AstroEQ through its st4 input. Ideally I'd like to do this via a RaspberryPi running StarsPi- based on linguider which can be controlled via a smartphone. For a guidecam ive got a QHY 5-II C with guideport. I'd like to use AstroEQ v4.5 to connect my guidecam to the two motors from the dual axis kit.

Please could you advise on how to set up the AstroEQ to do this. Does AstroEQ still need to be connected to EQmod? I appreciate that this wouldn't be using AstroEQ to its full potential but it seems like it could be a portable solution for taking my scope out into the field- at least in theory.

Many thanks,
Title: Re: Tracking through AstroEQ 4.5 and StarsPi
Post by: TCWORLD on February 14, 2017, 07:54:39
Hi Will,

Somehow I completely missed your post. In the current release firmware the AstroEQ always needs to be connected to EQMOD to run.

That is however about to change as it has in the beta firmware. I'm adding a fully standalone mode to allow the AstroEQ to run without a USB connection allowing a simple push button hand controller to be connected to the ST-4 port.

It could also make it possible to connected a guide camera directly to the ST-4 port as well in the standalone mode. However in order to do this I will need to make some minor changes to the new firmware in order to allow the speed of push-button movements to be set (to allow the guiding correction speed to be set), which is not to tricky. Additionally I may need to add some backlash control to the DEC axis, which is somewhat more tricky (do-able, but tricky).

I'll look into it.
Title: Re: Tracking through AstroEQ 4.5 and StarsPi
Post by: adfuller on March 16, 2017, 21:10:36
Hi Tom,
Noticed this thread and wondered what this 'push button' hand controller might be? Is it something we could buy or would it be something we could need to construct?

I noticed that there is now a version of KStars Lite for Android which supports INDI:,d.dGc (,d.dGc)

If I had a Kstars/EQMod server on a raspberry Pi connected via wifi to the Kstars lite app on my phone, could I direct the mount without a PC?
Title: Re: Tracking through AstroEQ 4.5 and StarsPi
Post by: TCWORLD on April 10, 2017, 09:33:23
The hand controller will be available at some point towards the end of next month (I started a thread in the R&D section of the forum).

AstroEQ does work with INDI and KStars, and people have used it with a Raspberry Pi. If the Kstars Android app can use INDI, then it should be possible to control it via your phone.