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Revision History/Updates

8.11 Fixes + Improvements

  • Fix major issue with Indilib.
    • The handling of the Synta :f command was wrong, resulting in incorrect status updates and issues using Indilib.
    • The issue also affects EQMOD, but that has somehow managed to work fine regardless.
  • Add TMC2100 driver support
  • Correct issue with 1/16ustep mode for DRV8825 drivers.
  • Change EEPROM structure to make it more resilient.
  • Improve configuration utility
    • No longer requests Admin rights (UAC was seeing the word “Updater” as assuming it must require admin!)
    • Slightly more stable

8.05 Bug Fix

  • Fix issue with Arduino Mega firmware.
    • The V8.4 firmware was not correctly compiling for Arduino Mega after moving to Atmel Studio
    • An issue with serial flushing which occasionally caused Config Utility to think a write failed is fixed.

8.04 Bug Fix

  • Fix issue with change to Atmel Studio.
    • Incorrect 'funsigned-chars' setting meant Synta error handling broked
    • In turn this meant that the config utility could not initialise new processor EEPROMs.

8.03 Bug Fixes to Config Utility and Firmware

  • Move AstroEQ project to Atmel Studio 7 rather than Arduino for better long term compiler support.
    • Code converted to C99 rather than C++.
  • Corrected handling of Gear Change Disable in Config utility
    • The wrong values for Go-To speeds were being calculated when gear change was disabled
  • Corrected ST-4 handling
    • The DEC axis on the ST-4 port was non functional in V8.0 due to a minor mistake in the code
  • Other minor bug fixes in hand controller handling.

8.00 Major Changes for AstroEQ8

  • Many changes have been made to the AstroEQ firmware
    • Added support for DRV8834 Low Voltage Driver boards
    • Rewrite of ST4 code for better performance
    • Added standalone mode for using the ST4 port without EQMOD
    • Optimisations to motor routines to better support higher resolution mounts
    • General tidy up of source code for better readability
    • Major rewrite of motor routines - now in C rather than assembly
    • New Acceleration/Deceleration Routines - provides a much smoother, linear ramp
    • Option to disable “Gear Change” when performing high speed movements
  • Improvements have been made to the configuration utility
    • Reduced the window size of the Config Utility to now work with a minimum screen size of 800×600
    • Add ability to tab between fields on the config screen
    • Add ability to paste from clipboard into config fields, and copy contents of fields to clipboard
    • Fixed bug preventing Config Utility loading on some PCs

7.5.x (Beta) Major Changes to Config Utility and Firmware

  • This version was released as a Beta on the AstroEQ forum.
  • This has since been renamed to V8.0.0(beta) due to the magnitude of the firmware changes, and non-backwards compatibility with the V7.x firmware.

7.4. Configuration Utility Updates

  • Minor update to the firmware to allow new changes in configuration utility.
  • The configuration utility now allows more configurations that previously resulted in an IVal too small error
    • Be aware that a small IVal while increasing resolution means that fewer accurate speeds can be achieved
    • The IVal is tuned to get the most accurate sidereal speed possible, but higher speeds will suffer
  • Added a 'Test Configuration' option. This allows configurations to be tested without hardware
    • Basically it jumps to the config screen to allow entry of values without the need for hardware

7.3. Major Changes For AstroEQ7

  • AstroEQ now allows for 6 different step modes to be selected.
  • EEPROM configuration has been merged into the main firmware, meaning the firmware doesn't have to be re-uploaded twice each time the configuration is to be changed.
  • Minor bug that axis stop if requested speed is too high has been fixed.
  • Configuration Utility has been revamped to make configuration easier - including the ability to save and recall previous configurations.
  • Configuration Utility on Linux no longer requires to be run from a Terminal. It can no be run as any standard application.
  • Legacy Hardware designs have been brought up to date and are no longer considered legacy. If you are using an Arduino Mega, please refer to the updated file here: here.

7.2. Testing Version Not Publically Released

7.1. Testing Version Not Publically Released

7.0. Pre-Release of AstroEQ7

  • AstroEQ now uses 1/4 and 1/32 step mode for improved accuracy.
  • Change only affects DRV8825 Driver Boards.
  • If you have legacy hardware, please see here.

6.8. Optimisation of Comms

  • More optimised code for Serial Communications.
  • Reduces command response time for more reliable Guiding.

6.7. Acceleration delay reduced at low speed

  • For speed < 2X Sidereal, the mount will start directly at that speed
  • Reduced starting time of mount
  • Support for PHD Guiding through EQMOD completed.

6.6. Testing Version Not Publically Released (PHD Support Added)

6.5. Completely Rewritten Ac/Deceleration Routines

  • New & improved acceleration and deceleration routines
  • Correct Behaviour when reversing direction - slow to a stop, then accelerate.
  • Much more linear profile.

6.4. Testing Version Not Publically Released

6.3. Deceleration Routines Bugfix

  • Fixes a glitch which causes the mount to not decelerate under EQMOD Rate Limiting

6.2. Added ability to change Goto Speed

  • The Goto Speed used for each axis can be set using the Configuration Utility
  • Set as a user defined multiple of the sidereal rate.

6.1. Added ST4 Support

  • Software now supports ST4
  • Refer to the file in the Downloads folder for how to add a guide port.

6.0. Major Software Rewrite

  • Completely rewritten motor control routines
  • Changed the way values are calculated for increased accuracy
  • Added configuration utility to make calculations easier - no more need for Excel.

5.2. Software Patch + Alternative hardware possibility

  • Added the ability for the speed at which goto's move the mount has been added
  • Added support for using the Pololu A4983 Breakout Board, rather than the DRV8824 for ease of DIY.

5.1. Software Patch

  • Added support for mounts which have a different gear ratio on each axis.

5.0. Redesign of Hardware and software

  • Improved tracking rate calculation to account for rounding errors
  • Using hardware to send steps to drivers, which reduces unwanted delays (improves accuracy of step rate)
  • Added a High Torque mode, which allows for increased torque at high speeds by silently switching to half stepping.

pre5.0. No Revisision history from older versions.